August 10, 2017 Highest Traffic Websites

To make money online you need website traffic. Website traffic is determined by the number of visitors a website gets.

Good statistics also show things such as how many pages they visit, how long the visitor stays on your site, and which traffic source is the most effective.

Google Analytics is a free service that let’s you analyze your traffic data. This is good information you can use to make intelligent decisions on marketing your online business. I suggest you join and get the code on all of your web pages.

In the meantime let me offer 3 of the best free ways I use to increase my own website traffic.

1. Your blog. Most of the high traffic websites have a blog installed. If you don’t I suggest you install Word Press and use one of the many excellent themes they offer.

In my case next to my home page individual blog posts are the highest traffic pages on my site. I enjoy blogging and write and bookmark blog posts several times a day.

For some people this would be very difficult to do. I would encourage you to hire a blog writer and keep fresh content added to your blog on a regular basis.

If you don’t want to do that a least write a couple of blog articles every week. Over time this will give you several hundred pages of content that you otherwise would not have.

2. Write and submit articles. I like to submit articles to article directories and include a resource box back to my website or blog.

I also like to take versions of those articles and post them in my blog. I will also hyperlink text within the blog post back to other webpages I have. Google seems to like this form of deep linking.

One other thing you can do is take your articles and turn them into videos using an article converter such as Article Video Robot. Then submit your video to shared video sites such as You Tube.

Another thing you can do is take the embed code from the You Tube video and place it on your blog. This will liven your blog up and give you video content if you don’t have any.

3. SEO. Search engines continue to provide excellent traffic if you can get your site ranked for popular keyword phrases relating to the niche your blog is in.

This takes a little bit of work on your part to know what keyword phrases to target. You also have to work at getting these phrases backlinked to the proper pages on your site.

However, once you rank highly for some keyword phrases, the free traffic you get from this is something you cannot really put a price on.

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