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September 23, 2019 How Can I Get More Customers

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All your money are belong to us – Bank of America
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I’ve been in CA for over a month and my banking situation is still the suck.

I signed up with Bank of America since they are on every corner. After spending close to 2 hours to set up the account (in person), I start the wait for my cards.

A few days ago I go in to get a cashier check only to find out that they have my account listed as "Jesse Unknown." le sigh.

After waiting 30 minutes for her to "fix it" in the banking system, I ask her if this means the cards I am sent will also have my name incorrect. Her answer is "do you want a new card?" I reply (several times) that in fact I do not want a new card, I want a card with my name on it. To which she replies, so you want a new card? I have to explain that I have no idea how her systems are connected, and she should look up what the cards will have on them. She proceeds to reorder my ATM card.

Onward to the counter to get a cashier check, only to be told I will have to pay for it regardless of what I was told when I signed up. I see the person who "helped me" in his cube and go get him. By this time I’m wondering what other things I might have been lead to believe that aren’t true.

He says it was an accident that my account wasn’t noted for free cashiers checks until I get checks. I explain my previous 30 minutes while he checks his computer system.

He says the systems aren’t connected and the name on the card is correct, but since another card has been ordered the first card I will be receiving will be dead.

He calls in the woman who "helped me", explaining the system who isn’t listening just repeating the name at the top was incorrect. After 5 minutes of listening wondering why I need to be here while they fix their problems, I decided I’ve had enough for today.

I thank them for their "high standards" and ask if they can fix their mistakes without me wasting more of my time. A quick "yes, your account will be fixed" I leave and start to try to calm down.

The next day I get my ATM and credit card.

The ATM is labeled correctly "Jesse D Andrews" but canceled.

The Credit Card is labeled "Jesse Dandrews" but valid.

So monday I have to get them to cancel the credit card and send one that has my proper name and continue my wait on my debit card.

Considering they required two forms of id when creating the account and my explaining to my "helpers" that they should check if their systems are connected before reordering a debit card, I’m wondering how much worse their customer service can get.

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