January 24, 2017 How Online Advertising Works

In my article entitled “Why Not Use Free Online Marketing If Your Advertising Budget Is Limited?” I recommended six different methods any marketer can use to grow his or her online business at no cost. But after some time, it’s very much rewarding to complement free marketing methods with paid online advertising to drive a highly targeted traffic to your website. Additionally, if you really want to make quick money, paid online advertising can be the immediate solution, provided you have a reasonable budget for it and you know where to invest your money profitably.

For you not to spend your money regrettably, you need to know what works best and what doesn’t. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of advertising and how much money it will cost you to begin seeing good returns. In other words, planning is very crucial.

It’s important to select companies that are reputable and known for good service delivery and credibility. Not every company that claims to grow your business fast is reliable and credible. Do not blow your hard earned money just anyhow! Take your time to find out!

In this article, I would like to share with you 10 different paid online advertising methods you can apply to grow your business. The onus is on you to select what you think will work best for you and to deal with credible service providers.

1. PAY PER CLICK (PPC) is one of the most popular paid online advertising methods. With this type of advertising, you create your own key words related to your business and submit them to PPC service providers like Google Adwords. When internet users enter one of your key words and your advert appears among the results, they click on your ad to make a purchase. You have the advantage of selling to people who are already interested in your products.

2. TRAFFIC BROKERS: These get targeted traffic through websites that sell advertising space. When you purchase the traffic in bulk from them, you begin to see a rapidly growing number of visitors coming to your website each day.

3. ARTICLE SUBMISSION SERVICES: These are online directories whose work is to automatically submit your written articles to hundreds of other directories at a fee. The advantage here is that you save time and you get your articles disseminated to many other directories from where your targeted customers find them.

4. AD SUBMISSION SERVICES: Like article submission services, you submit your adverts to the ad submission service providers and they do the distribution work for you at a cost.

5. SITE SUBMISSION SERVICES: With this paid online advertising service, you submit the information concerning your website to the service providers, who in turn distribute your site to a large database of search engines, ad sites and directories.

6. PAID ADVERTS: This is a type of paid online advertising, where you rent advertising space on other websites to display your ad banners and text adverts. You can also rent space in any other way upon agreeing with the website owners.

7. EMAIL LIST BROKERS: You send your email adverts to email brokers, who have email addresses of people that have accepted to receive offers of products relating to their tastes and preferences. You pay the email list brokers to send an email containing your advert to their opt-in list. Because they are known by the people they send the email adverts to, your emails will not be regarded as scam.

8. PAY PER IMPRESSION (PPM): With PPM, you contact companies that have large networks of websites that sell advertising web space. You submit your adverts to them upon buying a contract of impressions, whereby each impression appears once to each visitor on any site it appears. You pay per impression but not per click.

9. SEARCH ENGINE ADVERTISING: This is a paid online advertising method whereby you contract experts at search engine optimization. You enter in agreement with them, at a fee, to work on your website so that it gets top ranking in major search engines. They mainly do this by making changes in your website coding and by playing with the key words.

10. PAY PER CALL: This paid online advertising method is like pay per click, only that it drives phone leads to your business instead of clicks to your adverts on your website. As people look for service providers in a specific area, relevant pay per call advertisements show up in the search results. When your potential customers see your adverts, they get into contact with you through the telephone numbers provided, which are usually toll-free.

In conclusion, while free online marketing is really good, it takes time and energy for you to begin getting good returns. It requires a lot of patience. But it can really lay a very good foundation for your marketing needs. Paid online advertising is a strategy that has helped many marketers to grow their online businesses faster. You therefore need to supplement your free advertising strategies with paid strategies. When you use the two well, you will effectively and steadily grow your business. The sky will be the limit. Good luck!

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