Wedding Business

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Wedding Business
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Day one hundred forty-two/365. The business of getting married. It must be about ten years ago that I read an article declaring that the average American couple spends ,000 on their wedding (not including the honeymoon).

The sum must be between -30K now. Whoever officiates the wedding receives very little of that, of course. Huge amounts go toward the bride’s dress, the caterer, the photographer, the reception hall, the disc jockey, the florist, even the "get-away" car, if the couple hire a limo.

Weddings don’t have to cost that much! But, they tend to be more about pageantry than promise making. There’s money to be made in providing people with pageantry.

Sadly, I’ve spoken to many married couples who’d never even considered pre-marital counseling. They know that they love each other, so why spend their time on learning to communicate?

How can we move beyond the things that are so superficial?

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