February 29th 2008 – Lots to Leap For
September 7, 2019 How To Advertise The Business

A few nice how to advertise the business images I found:

February 29th 2008 – Lots to Leap For
how to advertise the business
It seems like I leapt even higher On Black

More in a bit, I wanted to get this uploaded before I left work. But this had turned out to be a better day than I thought!

Happy Leap Day!

Okay… so here’s the rest of the story. Today wasn’t bad, but just not anything special. I had been up late last night working on Travelhost and was generally tired this morning. At lunch Tam and I went to Taco Bell and that was pretty much it.

Here’s where it got better… but first a little history.

Last year, Tam and I had decided that we were going to renew our vows this year. I had gotten a decent bonus and was thinking that this year would go well and I’d get an even better bonus this time around.

I worked hard all year and got us some un-conventional income and exceeded my budget for the year. But in general, the country has not been doing so well and the first thing that business’ usually cut is their advertising budget. So… you see where I’m going with that. So, I we realized that I probably wasn’t getting a bonus and have been just saving money and trying to make do with what we had.

Well this afternoon, I got news that my hard work was appreciated and that I was going to get my bonus after all! How cool is that? It’ll certainly make things easier on us in the next 3 months while were planning this thing.

So here I am… leaping for leap year… and for JOY!!

Michael Breidenbrücker
how to advertise the business
Michael Breidenbrücker of LastFM fame – gave his talk on how advertising is changing in the Web 2.0 environment.

Session notes:

Highlighting the issues with two stories:

German company (Studiverzeichnis, or StudiVZ – www.studivz.net/) went to the States, found whatever was working there, and created a German version (mostly consisting of students), just sold for €100m. Company which bought it wanted the traffic there to move to their portal, they used ads. No-one followed them. All the traffic was still coming from Google.

Facebook. Created News Feed, which Michael calls "Attention data", which is similar to LastFM. Better form of advertising, more branding.

For Last FM, they felt like they were too rock and roll to do ads. But they were forced to come up with a business model to obtain funding. So they decided to do ads for music….and the best advert for music is the music itself = mp3. When people had an mp3 they wanted to advertise, they were asked what bands their music sounded like, so the track could be matched accordingly. This system is still in LastFM.

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