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High Road Access #12
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Completion of the Creative Hub building gave Haringey Law Centre a new Home. (Doorway on the right of the photo.) But in 2007 access to and from the High Road was still difficult due to parked cars and poor road surfaces.

—– Original Message —–
From: Alan Stanton
To: Assistant Director Economic Regeneration
cc. Haringey Councillors, Government Office for London
Sent: Wednesday, 3 October 2007 9:24 AM
Subject: Launch of a new workspace in Tottenham

I am very pleased the new building in Holcombe Market has now been finished. It makes a refreshing change from news of conferences and seminars about regeneration.

Can you please tell me what plans are in place and funding bids underway to complete the remaining works on the access roadway – the area between the market stalls and the alley to Holcombe Road? When will these plans be available for public consultation?

This includes building a raised crossing of Stoneleigh Road between Holcombe Road and the market. Funding was obtained, and a date set. But the work was postponed during construction of the new building. When will the crossing works start and when is the expected completion date? How will this work be co-ordinated with works on the roadway between Stoneleigh Road and the market stalls?

At present this area remains more or less the last part of Stoneleigh Road not yet brought up to a minimum acceptable standard – i.e. it’s much the same mess and muddle it has been for years.

As we always realised, successful completion of the access roadway – including proper parking arrangements – is an essential component of the whole scheme. In my view, it is urgently needed if the workspace accommodation is to have a real prospect of success.

Alan Stanton
Councillor Tottenham Hale Ward

—– Original Message —–
From: Alan Stanton
Sent: 19 December 2007 08:59
To: Assistant Director Economic Regeneration
Cc: Haringey Councillors, Government Office for London
Subject: Holcombe Market – Next phases

I refer to my email of 3 October (copy above) to which I don’t seem to have received a reply.

To illustrate the problem I’ve been taking photos. These are from 19 October. Since then, things have improved a little as the barriers round the new building were removed. However, as you can see in my photo on 23 November, the basic problems remain. They will continue while this part of the project is unfinished.

Can I also urge an imaginative look at the linked issue of parking – in collaboration, of course, with Highways and the Parking Service. At the moment it appears that the roadway adjoining the stalls in Holcombe Road is almost the only part of Stoneleigh Road where there is free parking. As a result, it seems this roadway is used by (among others):
* Customers of the stalls and of other businesses nearby;
* Staff of the stalls and other businesses.
* Delivery vehicles

Plainly, this short roadway cannot be seen in isolation from parking provision along the whole of Stoneleigh Road. Just as plainly, it’s in nobody’s interest to damage the business of either stallholders or traders on the High Road by making the restrictions and costs of parking too high. My own view is that a brief, extremely cheap period of "stop-and-collect" would serve everyone’s interests – including income generation for the Council.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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