Cool How To Drive Traffic images
August 20, 2017 How To Drive Traffic

A few nice how to drive traffic images I found:

Moblogging while driving
how to drive traffic
Dangerous, yes. But how ADD people can commute is beyond me.

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A Lone Pylon
how to drive traffic
So I’m driving out to our new home to check out some stuff prior to move in, and I get stuck in traffic coming off of the I-35 ramp at the 380 exit. Nothing to do but snap a photo with the trusty ol’ ghettocam, right?

Since I can’t really be peering through a viewfinder while driving, I just rolled down the window, lifted the camera and pushed the button. Kinda fun to see how it turns out.

I need to upgrade my ghettocam soon. Nothing fancy, just something slightly smaller, faster and higher res than the ancient 1.3 MP Epson I’m using. Anybody use any of Polaroid’s low-dollar digicams?

I-94 Parking Lot
how to drive traffic
First snow accumulation of the season, everyone forgets how to drive.

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