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March 13, 2019 How To Find New Clients

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how to find new clients
When I boarded the subway at Waterfront Station, in SW, I’d take at seat and began to prepare my camera equipment a man, sitting next to me, would look at me and say ‘Hey, how are ya?". It was Chef Mario Bush, who I met many years ago when I worked with Susan Gage Caterers . . Actor and Drama professor Ken Bush and I were amongst the very first to work with Susan Gage in March 1987 when she launched her catering business which is now ranked amongst the top 5 caterers in the WDC area.

While I do not now remember exactly when Mario would join Susan Gage, I believe it was sometimes in the late 90’s or early new millennium what I do remember is the Mario was an experienced chef and qucikly would move up in the ranks. Which, in the WDC caterering idustry is no small feat. Another aspect of Mario that I respected was the fact that he was not like some of the other chefs where he would only perform as a chef. Perhaps, more indicative of caterers of color, you’;ll find that Mario is just as adepth as a chef as he is in all aspects of the catering and event coordinating industry.

So, early on, though we was a trained chef, he would also accept assignments as a waiter, bartender or pantry support.

As time passed I would see Mario at other caterers, including Occasions Caterers . with whom I had a long standing association with.

In fact, in years past, Independence Day Weekend had been a holiday that I would work from dawn to dusk and perhaps later on the National Mall with Occasions. 4 july is often the last weekend that work is available for caterers in the WDC area until after Labor Day Weekend.

Though, a few of use would have work throughout the summer, it was between 4 july and Labor day that caterering staff would take some time off and caterers would make changes, internally, for the fall.

When I happened upon Mario Bush on the subway on 3 July he was in the midst of writing up a menu proposal. Perhaps several. When I inquired he said that while he still associates with several catererers, including Dish Caterers . he now has many of his own clients and operates a full service catering and event planning business.

Catering can be a very profitable business in WDC but in order to be successful one has to be able to deliver beyond and above. These are qualities that I would first observe of Mario Bush, many years ago, when I first observed him at Susan Gage Caterers . .

To reach Mario Bush at Catering By Mario, a full service catering & event planning networking business, call 301-209-0596. If he, himnself, is not available, he can network to find someone who is.

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