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New Project: The Corrections Page
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See Corrections Page
How many times have you read a website, only to see the following phrase (or a variant of):

Weblogs are better than X, because weblogs are self correcting.

Yeah, a Google search brings up over 22,000 instances of this phrase. The phrase has some merit: the more eyes on the ball, the better chance for corrections to occur.

However, we were always ambivalent to the veracity of this phrase; basic human nature always interferes with any grand experiment, even-though weblogs are a great equalizer and offer opportunities not only of expression but of real community building. The problem is the proverbial "bear in woods" situation: if an infinite amount of webloggers correct themselves, but no one listens (because the post scrolls past the front of the page – or the heightened ADD the web finds itself in), are they really correcting themselves?

You would think by now that with all of the talk about self-correcting blogosphere, there would be a place where you could publicly correct yourself. Yes, there are blogs such as Regret the Error, which track newspaper errors, but there isn’t a website which chronicles blogger’s errors.

So with that in mind, we built the Corrections Page around the idea of creating a shared space where we can all air our dirty laundry. It is our little experiment to see if the weblogging community can really "self correct." In the spirit of openness, we’ve placed the first correction – a slight one, but we will be combing our archives for errors, omissions, and full-blown wrongness.

The Corrections Page is built using Ben Hammersley’s fantastic Movable Type hack which powers the venerable LazyWeb. To place a correction, all you need to do is to place a trackback via your blogging software du jour to the following address:

There is a RSS feed for people to use while following at home. We want to know what people think about this service, so please leave some feedback in this post.

Good Luck! And keep it up, you self-correcting wonder-blog-o-sphere!

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