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June 20, 2018 How To Find Sales

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how to find sales
Today me and my friend passed by this shop in Muthana Complex. I don’t know what its called but it sells some really cool Japanese toys, mostly limited edition stuff. Anyway my friend had seen the Grendizer set on display in the window and wanted to purchase it but the store was always closed. Today I decided to go with him and luckily the place was open. Sadly though they had no more Grendizer sets for sale. The one in the window display was for the shop owner and he refused to sell it, even for 200KD. It originally costed KD79 but they are very hard to come by. The owner told us how he originally had 80 pieces and he couldn’t get rid of them, then each of his friends purchased 2 or 3 sets off him until they were finished. Now he gets a couple of sets every now and then and they get sold as quickly as he gets them. He sold the last set 2 days ago! The guy also has a really cool limited edition Optimus Prime set but again he had only 1 left and it was his and would refuse to sell it. I like the store and i find the guy very interesting. He is very passionate about the stuff he sells. For you transformers fans I am sure you noticed that recently in the market in places like Debenhams, Ace Hardware the Fantasy World you might have seen these really cool transformer cars. They cost 10KD and are made of plastic. Well this guy has the limited edition metal transformer cars and he is selling them for 30KD! A really good deal. If anyone is interested in knowing where the place is located, its in Muthana Complex, Kuwait City. Mezzanine 1, right behind Andalus Electronics.

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