Nice How To Generate More Business photos

A few nice how to generate more business images I found:

The local newspaper
how to generate more business
In Las Vegas, there are no newspaper vending machines I could see. Instead, they were all these things, giving out ads and numbers for strippers and escorts direct to your room. Not only are these things everywhere, but there are Mexicans on the streets in the Strip giving out the same ads to passersby.

I was really quite shocked at how much money in Vegas is dedicated to selling sex.

For your own peace of mind, there is no nudity. The ads are all very discreet in that sense. I blurred out all the phone numbers, because I’d feel bad if my critique on the objectification of women in Vegas actually generated business.

I’ll upload more after getting some sleep. I’m back in Michigan, just in time for some snow and freezing rain. Yay!

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