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July 22, 2019 How To Get A Website

Some cool how to get a website images:

Gogol Bordello
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Back in March, when I was getting ready to go to South by Southwest Music, Dave Hayden of Panic Software suggested that one of the bands I needed to see while I was in Austin was an Eastern European "gypsy punk" band called Gogol Bordello. I was skeptical, but he insisted they put on one of the best live shows he’d ever seen.

I showed the band’s website to some friends who were going with me, and mentioned Dave’s recommendation, but everyone thought they looked a bit weird, and we all had other bands we wanted to see at the same time as Gogol Bordello’s slot anyway, so we decided to pass.

The night of their show in Austin, however, my friend Josh ended up leaving his show early and walking past Emo’s, the outdoor venue where Gogol Bordello were playing. He caught the end of their show, and, sure enough, started raving himself about how incredible their live show was!

Needless to say, I resolved to catch them in San Francisco tonight. My verdict? The music was fun, but not really my thing per se. The performance was spirited throughout, but didn’t really reach the intensity I was expecting until the very end, when one of the percussionists in the band went crowd surfing on top of her drum, the singer tossed his mic into the crowd, and the audience invaded the stage (see above).

DSC02832 – Royal Pavilion in Brighton
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The Royal Pavilion in Brighton ( is a remarkable palace. Build entirely by British Architects it combines a wealth of different building styles – and for what purpose? Fun – George IV sure knew how to have a party and how to build a palace;)

Official notes from the official website:

Born Prince of Wales in 1762, George IV was the oldest son of George III. He rebelled against his strict upbringing, embarking on a life of drinking, womanising and gambling that scandalised the country and got him heavily into debt.

As Prince of Wales he supported the Whig opposition party, enjoyed a succession of passionate love affairs and two marriages. In 1785 he secretly wed Catholic widow Maria Fitzherbert and in 1795 entered into a disastrous official union with Caroline of Brunswick.

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