December 7, 2016 How To Get Free Traffic

You can have the best product, or a site with advertisements placed perfectly … It all means nothing, if you do not get traffic to your page. But traffic is not just traffic. In this article you can read about getting the traffic you want, without necessarily cost money.

It is not matter what people you close to your side. If traffic is not targeted, it will only cost you money. The article you can read some tips on how to get targeted traffic on the website.

What should we do with traffic?

Whether you have a site filled with AdSense ads, or you sell a product from the page, you will earn nothing at all, unless you have visitors to the page. These visitors, we usually call the “traffic” when it comes to internet marketing.

If we assume that every tenth visitor will click on an advertisement, or you have a sale for every 50 visitors, so it is clear that the more traffic, the higher yield.

10 guests = 1 clicks
100 guests = 10 clicks
1000 guests = 100 clicks, etc.

It may just be an unpleasant surprise if you send as much as possible traffic to your website and see that it does not give you profit, but even a loss.

Traffic costs money

Traffic costs money. First, download each person who visits your page, the page down on his computer. It can record your webhost and most webhoteller there is a limit to each much traffic you need, at no extra cost.

If you attract traffic to your website through Pay Per Click (PPC) like Google AdWords, every click will cost you money.

It is therefore important that you only get targeted traffic, ie. visitors as well have an interest in seeing your website.

What you have = Traffic
What you need = Targeted traffic

You can control the traffic in several ways.

If you are using PPC, it is important that your ad is very specific. If you sell a program to create websites, and it only works on Windows XP, write it. Time and again, I have even used someone else’s advertising dollars superfluous, because I clicked on an ad that promised a program that I would get, but then it appeared that the program was not for Mac OSX.

Using articles. Write a short article and post it on Those who read it and click through to your website will only be those who have an interest in what you write.

Make podcasts. Same principle: If people have listened to you in an entire neighborhood, that is because you’ve caught their interest. Learn more about podcasts on

Create a list

Lists are the alpha and omega on the Internet. They are your best source of targeted traffic. People who have chosen to subscribe to your news mail, your eZine, you can get to come back to your page again and again and it will be a targeted audience, since they are selected at the time when they register your list.

Create a form which people can join your list. Use your your normal e-mail program at first, until there are so many on the list, that it is no longer practical. Then you can use an autoresponder

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