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Stanford Reunion 1997
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1 June 1997, 6:19 am.

“Graduation is sort of a blur, since I started working for the infamous Dr. Shaw during Spring Quarter. That job took me from IS manager to manservant to general operations guru, all within the delightful environment of a cash-burning (lunch on silver platters), quickly sinking (how long can we hold the creditors off?) biotech venture firm. Somehow I lasted there for nearly two years, having the unfortunate pleasure of seeing my rather large boss naked only once. My stock options? Don’t even ask.

“From there, I landed at Ethos Consulting, a retainer-based executive search firm founded by two Stanford MBAs, where I have spent three great years. We focus on high-level searches in a variety of fast-moving industries. My role began in research and has evolved into a Principal position, focusing on client management and business development, especially in the technology arena. Business school is down the road. I keep thinking it’s just around the corner, but it always turns out to be a video game arcade or a shopping center. And yes, the rumors are true—I am a workaholic.

“On the personal side, I lived in Redwood City with Raj Shinghal for a couple of years, until the commute to the city began to grow old. I then moved to the fog of San Francisco, in a roomy flat previously inhabited by Camille She and Becky Gordon. Over the past few years, there have been plenty of Stanford alums living or staying there, as well as a few Weenies. The rent is incredibly cheap, so I’ll probably be there for a while.

“On the really personal side, well, not much is happening. If I can’t even find time to cook a meal once in a while, how can I be expected to maintain a relationship!? My friends (all wonderful, many of whom I have met since graduation) occupy a lot of my precious free time. My photography could use a little more nurturing, and I’d love to get back into radio at some point. And I guess a date every now and then wouldn’t hurt.

“Anyway, I’m out of space. Wow. These five years have just rushed by, and I guess a lot has changed. So, what’s next? I’m sure I ask myself that question every day, and I never know the answer. I suppose it will just answer itself someday.”

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