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A few nice how to get my website noticed images I found:

Twenty-Five Beeeellllls!
how to get my website noticed
Happy Birthday me…
the photo on the left is from my preschool days and was scanned and photoshopped by my friend Lauren last year for our website which we are still trying to get off the ground. It’ll happen sometime.

Twenty-Five Bells
Will chime!
When the heavens open up
and drink from the silver cup
The creature thus be born!
And blow the magic horn!

"I am responsible for the paradigm shift in birthdays and how they will be viewed in following centuries."

Top 100 Results for a Kent Bye Google Egosearch 9/7/07
how to get my website noticed
As of 9/7/07, 98 / 100 of the first Google results for ‘Kent Bye’ (without quotes) are actually relevant to me.

That’s quite different from just a few years ago where searching for my name would yield a ton of non-relevant results including lots of tournament brackets w/ players of last names of "Kent" getting bye rounds as well as people saying bye bye to a person named Kent in their salutation.

Now I’m posting this here because every now and again I do an egosearch. And I’ve noticed how it’s changed a lot almost every time I look at it. Stuff that is at the top I wouldn’t have thought of — like the vlog post on the five things people don’t know about me.

Who knows, this picture could get a ton of links and all of a sudden this could be the number one slot. I’ll never be able to predict it.

But I think it’s an interesting testament to three things.

1.) How Google’s search has gotten so much better over the last 5 years — I’m surprised w/ how many one-off comments I’ve made show up in the results.

2.) How I’ve increased the amount of information I’ve put out there associated w/ my name.

3.) How SEO-friendly my name is. As far as I can tell, there’s not a lot of other "Kent Bye’s" out there

What will this look like in 5 years? I have no idea. But maybe I’ll do this every so often to keep a visual record of it to be able to quickly look back on it.

There’s to look at old websites, but there’s no Google Search archive where you can do a Google search and look at the results from 3 years ago. I’m still waiting for The Google Search Archive.

* I changed my Google search preferences to show the first 100 results instead of 10
* I saved the HTML file of the first 100 results to my desktop.
* Then I opened file:///Users/kent/Desktop/search.html in Paparazzi! screencap program

how to get my website noticed
If you don’t know about BigHugeLabs flickr DNA I suggest you check it out. The Ego Surf section at the bottom will let you search for links to your photos online. Or you can find out when sites have stolen your photo such as this one. Granted they gave me image credit, however remember that if you mark your photo "© All rights reserved" the website must first get your permission and mark that the photo is copyright to you. I was not asked permission for this publication nor was I compensated for it.

They are lucky I am a nice guy. They got a nice little nasty gram from me about fair use of others work.

Notice I have marked this photo "some rights reserved" to the right as an example of how you can change the rights to your photos. I leave my photos open so that others may view them in large mode. I also leave the blogging function on for those nice bloggers who have asked me permission to use my photos. Remember that just because a photo can be viewed large, downloaded, or the "blog this" function is turned on, does not make it a free use photo.

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