coney island buses
August 29, 2018 How To Get New Business

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coney island buses
how to get new business
let’s set a few things straight:
1.Yes, I am indeed moving to NY. In a week, no less. I fly out next Monday (May 2nd) (assuming passport & visa is returned in time)
2.I have been offered a year’s internship in the city – it also involves some evening classes and at the end we get some Cambridge International Business qualification. This doesn’t interest me too much, to be honest.
3.I will be living in Newport in NJ, just over the Hudson, right on the river front apparently (this is the accom. given to us)
4.I will be working on West 27th

and now I have some questions for you noo yorkers out there…
a)cheapest place to buy bed linen and towels?
b)does anyone know how to chip the DVD player in a powerbook so it plays multi-region DVDs? (okay that’s a question for anyone)
c)best place to get a cell phone? ie, most reliable shop, best network, etc. I’ll hopefully do this next Monday once I’m in as we have the rest of that day to ourselves.
d)can I ride with your gang?

How Quickly We Get Back to Business
how to get new business
Collage-Postcards from San Francisco July 1906, 3 months after the earthquake…and…the World Insurance Congress (a new type of business) parties it up in 1915 after making a bundle. How soon we forget.

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how to get new business
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