we were third and fourth
August 1, 2019 How To Get New Customers

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we were third and fourth
how to get new customers
So, a little background here: San Luis has very few "late night" eateries. Basically every place shuts down at 10:00 (maybe 10:30) and all those late-night after-the-bar party kids? Out of luck!

A new place opened up just a couple of doors down from SLO Brew called Bel Frites — fries fries and more fries. Fries with sea salt. Fries with garlic salt. Fries with season salt. Fries with Chipotle sauce. Fries with dill sauce. Fries with this and fries with that and I think you are starting to get the idea.

Somehow, Sunday afternoon, me and Steve wound up as this new place’s third customers. There was a line waiting to get in the door (and, as said, this was the afternoon — not even prime party-goer hour).

Within minutes Tom and Cami coincidentally wandered by, saw us in line and joined in. It was fun. The owner took our photo (all of us in that first few customer line) and said he’s going to hang it on the wall.

So what did I think? Tasty! But I have a serious weekness for salty super fried things. The sauces were delicious (and have better names than how I put it above) and the owners were sweet. 🙂 Good location. I think it’ll do good. 🙂 I hope so. Long live the mom-and-pop french fry shop!!! 🙂

Have to Suck Blood of Customers..
how to get new customers
This is not my picture but ‘borrowed’ from this website.

A study by the BBC’s Money Programme – to be aired tonight on BBC 2 (22.00 UK time) – concluded that the highest figure banks could justify to charge for overdraft fee costs was £4.50 – much lower than what the banks currently charge.

From the BBC Money Programme website: We asked Joe Garner, of HSBC, what it costs his bank to process a charge.

"You’ll understand that I won’t go into specific details of individual costs", said Mr Garner.

We then asked him to give us a rough cost of these charges to which he replied: "again it’s very, very difficult to assign costs to specific aspects of the customer relationship. It’s very, very hard to attribute a specific price tag to each aspect of that and that’s why fundamentally we don’t agree to looking at one specific charge".


I’ve personally witnessed the bank’s greediness as well. I was charged an overdraft fee of £30 by my bank HSBC. However, I was sent a letter a month before stating they would NOT incur a fee under certain conditions. I was so fortunate to have saved this letter so took it with me to the bank and explained the situation, expressing my indignation because of their failure to adhere to their own promises.

The employee asked for the letter, then disappeared for 15 minutes (probably to discuss it with her senior) then came back and told me indeed I didn’t have to pay the fee. So I asked her: How come you’ve charged me the fee when clearly this is not in line with your new Terms and Conditions? She then tried to get away with it saying that HSBC can still charge the fee but that if customers come to their bank the fee will be refunded to their account.

Can you believe it??

how to get new customers
While I happened to be at a salvage yard in Albuqueruqe, I found myself thinking of the dichotemy of each of the literelly hundreds of scrapped vehicles. Each car represents a truly horrible, perhaps genuinely tragic, moment to its former owner and an opportunity for the yard and its customers. I wonder how often the customers think of what the good deal they’re getting means to someone else. And is it benefitting from someone else’s tragedy, or is it turning something bad into something good?

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