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Some cool how to get people to visit your website images:

how to get people to visit your website
The student organisation I co-run has started a campaign to try and get at 1 million people to send in 2p each. Optimistic yes, impossible no! We thought of the idea following the headlines in the British newspaper the Independent which reads ‘How your 2p can send 100 million children to school’. That is based on the roughly 60 million inhabitants of the Uk sending in 2p, every day, for the next 10 years. Well, that is a bit much for us to do, but we though 1 million people sending in just 2p once was easy enough. 2p is worth virtually nothing to most people, there are loads down the back of sofas, on mantle pieces and in junk draws across the UK and worldwide, so we’d like to get people to just send them in. Please visit the website and contibute, or at the very least tell everyone about what we are doing!

Thank you

how to get people to visit your website
To celebrate my mom’s birthdays I made her a website:

She just turned 60 this year and also was celebrating the 1st birthday for her new kidney. The site tells her story and features links to information about organ and tissue donation. Friends, family and strangers can also leave messages.

With her new lease on life she has been volunteering for the NY Organ Donor Network. One of the things she does is go to health fairs and speak about what getting a new kidney is like and getting people to sign up to become organ donors. I made her a pack of moo minicards to promote the site and cause.


Learn about how organ and tissue donation
changes lives…Say hello…Share your story…
Visit me on the web at:

Feel free to visit and leave a message.

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