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A few nice how to get traffic to a website images I found:

You may wish to vote for Route79 in best UK blog award thingy
how to get traffic to a website
Just a little silly fun. I discovered at the weekend that someone had nominated my blog in the finals of an Internet blog award competition. Scratched my head at this – and then looked at some of the other finalists. Most of them appear to be completely devoid of anything non current-affairs, non-politics or pictures or anything imaginitive in my view. I suppose mine might also fit the same boring profile. Anyway – since I have no control over being a part of this competition, and there’s no chance of beating some of those high-traffic political/satirical websites, I might as well try to get votes for being one of the better "interesting" underdog, blogs in the lineup!

Click here to vote for Route 79 in UK blog awards

You can vote once every 24 hours until Friday, so every vote counts! Thank you if you vote for Route 79!

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