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Mauve Twins
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I haven’t been getting out much to take photos, so I’m working to improve some older ones that I like. See below for comparison to the original. (Just Sharing is my alternate account)

Even though photos are being "stolen" at flickr, I still think that flickr is about photo "sharing". Here’s my view:
We will NEVER be able to control most of what goes on on the internet !!!!
1) flickr is the 37th most active site on the internet, with over 1,500,000,000 page views a day (one and 1/2 billion)…

2) there are 809,000 entries in blogs that contain the word flickr , and who know how many more sites that "borrow" or "steal" images without any reference to flickr??

3) There are now even sites that offer programs that can change your PC desktop background every hour or more using pics from flickr. (Which is no more illegal than someone downloading your pic)

Given the sheer volume, there’s NO WAY to police or catch every missuse of your photos on flickr.
So . . .
the only thing you can do is be smart about how you post, assuming that people WILL steal and borrow your posted photos

What I do is only upload compressed, reduced quality versions in a maximum size of 1024 x 768 pixels for your "public" stream. Hopefully, this allows people to see, and yes borrow my photos without giving away the store. My photos on flickr are only suitable for a 4" by 6" print. I keep the originals safely locked away.

In short, we can take responsibility to protect ourselves at whatever level we are comfortable. Don’t complain about something you will NEVER be able to manage or control: the use of anything posted on the internet.
Only try to control what you CAN control.

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