If you have an internet business, a tip that actually works for how to get website traffic should be of the upmost interest to you and valuable help in making progress towards your goals. The top tip is about the success you can achieve for increasing website traffic through article writing and why this method is so important to the growth of your business.

It is often not that obvious the reason why it is so important to keep writing unique quality articles. You may think the task in writing and publishing them on a consistent basis is a bit of a chore, yet the benefits it provides for your internet business cannot be ignored. In a perfect world, the number of articles that you should be targeting to write and publish is around eight per month. That calculates out at only two articles per week so not really a huge task to undertake is it?

When an article is published and distributed by the directories it can find its way to all sorts of websites and blogs. When you publish an article, a resource box is also included that has a link back to your website or web page. That is great in itself yet the big prize payoff is something else. All the links for your articles are taken into account by the likes of Google and this can create the most significant targeted traffic boost for your website.

With the number of these relevant links increasing all the time, your website will rank higher for the keywords and phrases that are used to search for such information. You website will have the potential to dominate the first page of Google and other search engines for certain keywords that will have been targeted. And even if you don’t have several entries on the first page of Google, by just having one can have a marked effect on the amount of traffic heading to your website, especially the higher up the first page it is positioned.

Were you aware that if you managed to attain first place on page one in the organic searches in Google your website will receive, on average, eight and a half times more traffic than a website that is found in fifth place? So imagine if you write a few laser focused keyword articles for a handful of the top performing keywords in your niche, your website will have the potential to command the significant places on Google, with a corresponding increase in website traffic.

This website traffic will be maintained well into the future because once an article has been published it is then on the internet forever. It is not unusual to find an article on the first page of the search engines which was actually published years ago, but because it is still very relevant in respect of the search term used is still appears. The accompanying resource box will have the hyper link and the website will receive the targeted traffic.

As you can see, writing articles is a very easy and sustainable method for how to get website traffic. All you have to do is undertake the work once and the resultant website traffic from each article will flow long after you have completely forgotten what the article contained. By writing just eight articles per month you will hopefully realise the coverage your website can achieve across the web and how this method of attracting website traffic should be integral to every internet business growth plan.

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