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November 29, 2018 How To Win New Customers

A few nice how to win new customers images I found:

Day 23: Our Dream
how to win new customers
Today the good guys won. I’ve never been overwhelmed by emotion in a grocery store before, but it was so wonderful to see the hard work of an honest businessman pay off, and how the whole community rallied around him.

I was one of probably the first 15 people into the store. Within 20 minutes, it was absolutely packed, and good luck finding parking. People marveled, people stared in silence, an old man cried out, "This is amazing!" The owner was there handing out pizza, and took a picture with the first paying customer.

Myself, I already did the weekly grocery shopping at the old Hyde Park Produce over the weekend, but wanting to give them as much money as I realistically could in their first hour, I splurged on steak and good cheese and ravioli. As it turns out, their credit card machine wasn’t working yet, but I had just enough cash to give them all but a few dimes.

"Welcome To Our Dream!" It’s all of our dream, and today it came to life. The tyranny of the Co-Op was buried on Sunday. Welcome, new Hyde Park Produce!

Going once, twice . . .
how to win new customers
Bill Stewart auctions off one of the old Dremo’s beer taps. The final semi-public night for the place had Bill and Andrew auctioning off most anything in sight. It was a curious mix, with the majority of us onlookers, a few serious buyers (at least a couple of people were clearly buying for other bars), and a number of folks interested in specific low-value items (that would be me).

The Dremo’s totem was rescued by a long time customer who "just didn’t want to see it in the dump", and will soon be making its appearance in his backyard (as soon as he figures out how to get it there). He told me that if they want it back when (if?) they reopen, they can have it.
The first sale of the evening was a new Camel-branded metal ashtray for 25 cents. Notable sales included 0 for the metal silo (known as the Sin Bin, for those of us recalling the Bardo days), for the (ex) parrot, and 0 (plus an unknown amount in transport costs) for the Dremo’s totem.* Ridiculous little items went, too, including a paper Spaten flag, menus, etc. Much to my annoyance, a Dremo’s employee beat me out on the sole item I was interested in, but I did end up with a bit of classic Bardo art (I’ll have to take a picture and post, sometime).

Greg Kitsock (WaPo beer critic, among many other things) was there and taking notes (as well as winning a Foggy Bottom poster for the princely sum of ), so I’m sure you’ll soon be able to read more about it.

(The last night actually open was a brief affair, for me. Saturday turned out to be a long sad day after a great but long Friday night, and it was all I could do to haul us into Bardo’s for one last drink. The final round consisted of Dremo’s James Brown Ale and Dogfish 60 Minute IPA (sadly, they were out of Racer 5). After I noticed the fifth girl with glitter on her face, I realized that there were probably more people in the bar that had never been than not. This bittersweet fact turned to a bit of pleasure when we exited to find a long line of Clarendon Ballroom tourists shivering on the sidewalk, waiting to be let in.)

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