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Art for the Soul by RICHARD LAZZARA

Fuel Savings on Macquarie Island
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Congratulations to all at Macquarie Island, one of four stations administered by the Australian Antarctic Division, for achieving large reductions in power and fuel usage this year.

Consistent reductions of between 10-25% have been achieved through common sense practices.

As Station Leader Matt Dahlberg explains:

"We turn off lights when leaving rooms. Store and workshop lights are turned off overnight. Stereos are turned off when people aren’t around.

We try not to use electrical heaters when site services are available. Site services transfer hot water around the station which is generated from waste heat from the diesel generators.
There are several fridges, a freezer & hot water services in various workplaces that are not currently in use.

The spa and sauna are not left on. The spa is turned on about a day in advance of anticipated use.

Computer monitors are turned off by some when not in use.
Our Plant Inspector Lionel does a few laps of the station most nights. As ‘the old night watch’ he turns off anything left on.

We still have all the external lighting left on for pedestrian safety but this could be put on timers.

There is scope to continue to improve our energy efficiency without changing building infrastructure.

Changing habits does take awareness, understanding, patience and vigilance.

It is highly commendable and rather astounding the difference that can be made quite simply. It does challenge the ethics of all of us. We waste a lot in our culture." (Photo D. McVeigh)

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New users of Moodle discover an extensive virtual community that supports their interests. The videoconference conducted by lead programmer Martin Dougiamas led to requests for more reference sites.

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