November 5, 2016 Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is being the most sought after course in today’s competitive world. More and more students are being inclined towards this new emerging topic. It has got the niche of the marketers in today’s strategic market. As, the population is increasing day by day with large number in its ratio so is the concept of marketing is gaining its height. Marketing is the only means that is helping to grow business of every type.

Integrated Marketing is that which helps you to attract large number of targeted customers with full strategic planning which involves much of wit and a little bit of tactic to handle your customers. This marketing technique is also known as the strategic integration of multiple means of marketing communication which involves various fields such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing so that it can help to develop and deliver clear, consistent, and meaningful communications.

Not only this amount of work is being carried by Integrated Marketing but it is also capable of informing, convincing, and persuading which is the most necessary factor to grow your business, isn’t it? The purpose of this emerging marketing technique involves great deal of means which helps to create a synergy amongst all means which is full of prolific brains to handle this strategy.

If you people too are looking for a better integrated marketing communication institute then do remember to pay a visit to Institute of Integrated Marketing Communication and Management, popularly known as IIMCM which offers you the facility of experiencing it in a broad and practical way. Along with Post Graduate program in Integrated Marketing Communication you can get a dual degree in Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing, isn’t that cool?

Getting a dual degree in just 15 months of autonomous flagship is worth valuable for one, right? What do you people think of it? It is a fast track Post Graduate program which helps you to earn a degree in Integrated Marketing with a benefit of getting a reputed degree of Master in Business Administration. Not only it will help you to save your time but it is also consistent in providing quality education in time which has got great value in today’s competitive market.

This fifteen month autonomous flagship which is being run in Fast track course helps you to learn many aspects of advertising and events. In fact it is a total mix up of Integration of Advertising, PR, Events and Exhibitions, Sales Promotion, Publicity, Experiential Marketing, which includes both rural and urban along with Direct Marketing. Moreover you will be getting opportunity of doing 3 months paid internships with Capstone project, wow there is so much for you to explore. Go and grab the opportunity friends before it knock other persons door.

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