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September 8, 2017 Internet Advertising Costs

A few nice internet advertising costs images I found:

The price should be limited, not your internet.
internet advertising costs
According to T-Mobile’s website:

With web’n’walk, your internet access is unlimited*, meaning you can:

* Surf the whole internet
* Use it in any location where you have mobile coverage
* Browse as much as you want and never worry about cost

You see that asterisk up there though? That means BEWARE! But there’s nothing on the webpage that tells you what it means – SHOCK HORROR!

Looking at the terms and conditions though, we find out that:

"To ensure a high quality of service for all our customers a 1GB (of data both sent and received in the UK) per month fair use policy applies."

Hold on – that’s not unlimited! Also:

"We do not permit use of this service to provide modem access for a computer or for peer to peer file sharing, internet phone calls or instant messaging."

Those seem like limits too!

Andrew from Rummble
internet advertising costs
momo London at Imperial College, Nov 12 2007
*location information will become ubiquitous
*MNO restrictions will dissolve and cost barriers will be removed
*social networking will continue to grow and evolve
*mobile internet will become the norm

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