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IAAI-05 Invited Talk by Jay M. Tenenbaum: AI Meets Web 2.0: Building The Web of Tomorrow Today
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Imagine an Internet-scale knowledge system where people and intelligent agents can collaborate on solving complex problems in business, engineering, science, medicine, and other endeavors. Its resources include semantically tagged Web sites, wikis and blogs, as well as social networks, vertical search engines and a vast array of Web services from business processes to AI planners and domain models. Research prototypes of decentralized knowledge systems have been demonstrated for years, but now, thanks to the Web and Moore?s law, they appear ready for prime time. Tenenbaum will introduce the architectural concepts for incrementally growing an Internet-scale knowledge system, and describe early commercial deployments in manufacturing and healthcare.

Marty Tenenbaum spent the 1970s at SRI’s AI Center leading vision research, the 1980s at Schlumberger managing AI Labs, and the 1990s founding a string of successful Internet commerce companies, ultimately serving as chief scientist of Commerce One. He now splits his time between two Internet healthcare startups?Webify Solutions and Medstory?and nonprofit CommerceNet, where he’s returning to his AI roots, helping others pursue bold visions for making the Web more useful and intelligent.

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