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August 20, 2017 Internet Banner Ads

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the original banner ad
internet banner ads

internet banner ads
Yes, I’m one of the tEXtamerica crowd, moving to a less moblog-y, and more
photograph-y, site (Flickr). I never much minded the banner ads, the
ridiculous high-school social antics, and the misogynistic fawning over
young girls (which almost became pedophilic at times), irked me, but I
didn’t lose sleep.

But I do mind the threats. The fake-outs. The gimme-gimme-gimme yuppie
attitude. Case in point, people’s exhibit A. Sending mail as one person,
from another’s address, and addressing to someone I don’t know (Steve’s
probably getting a LOT of REPLY-ALL noise in his mailbox), is a guaranteed
way to end up in the junk mail folder, unread. C’mon guys, learn to use the
Internet, okay?

Thank you for your attention. This has been a mini-rant. Had this been an
actual tantrum, you would’ve been instructed where to go for safety and
quiet. We return you now to your regularly scheduled Flickr’ing.

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