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March 22, 2018 Internet Marketing Forum

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Where I’ve Been Lately
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Well I’ve never said "best viewed full size" before so now may as well be an ok time to say it.

Inspired by Stabilo Boss’ Logo 2.0_2 I decided to undertake a similar project of my own. What I did here was to go into my Firefox browser history window and go back to the most recent 320 websites that I’ve visited that have favicon thingys. There were a lot more than you’d think that don’t have favicon thingys (my blog for instance). I was surprised at a lot of the big sites that don’t have favicons. CNET and Microsoft for instance (well at least that show up in the Firefox browser).

So I took the sites as I went back in my history and put them in a new Firefox browswer window 10 across under tabbed browsing. Then I took screen shots and cut the little columns of favicon tabs into a new file and built this.

I did this on one of my four computers so I’m sure I’ve missed lots of sites that I’ve visited recently. I also skipped generic blogger favicons. I didn’t realize that Typepad and Word Press had generic favicons as well until it was too late, so those are in there.

Also, I don’t necesarily like or endorse all the companies shown here. I hate LaCie for instance and think they make crappy disk drives — but I did visit them recently (in writing a piece about how much I disliked them) so there they are. Although there are many many sites in the photo above (did I mention I printed out this screen shot and then took a digital photo of it? wink, wink) that I do love very much and visit every single day, especially if they start with "f" and end in "r". I tried to only put each site up once but there may be some that I accidently got in there twice. I know of one for sure.

Anywho. Just another way to waste an entire day but it will give you a sense of what I look at on the internet (and I do look alot).

This by the way is one of those rare times when it would probably be good to be able to tag more than 100 tags to this photo.

Go ahead, click on the large view, you never know, your site might be up there. Feel free to make a note of it if it is.

Damn, looking at this again a second time makes me realize how much I really do love the internet. I need to stay in more often. I’m also realizing how many of the really super blogs I read every day are not on this graphic because they don’t have favicons. This list is only a partial list of what I read and doesn’t include some of my favorite sites.

It also reminds me that I need to get moving with figuring out how to get a favicon on my site.

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