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Remember my attempts at being a member of the paparazzi last Sunday? Well, they were an unqualified success and today (20th July) my photograph was featured on the front page of our local newspaper (The Northern Times). Time to give up the day job and become a photojournalist!

The full text of the article is below –

Angel drops in to promote Royal Dornoch
Published: 20 July, 2007
AS ONE of the glamorous stars of the 1970s TV series Charlie’s Angels, actress Cheryl Ladd is no stranger to high octane thrills and adventure.

But the American actress and singer refrained from jumping out of her helicopter when she dropped into Royal Dornoch Golf Club on Sunday, preferring to wait until it had safely touched down.

Cheryl (56), from Huron, South Dakota, was one of several golf-mad celebrities invited to take part in a promotional film of the country’s leading golf courses for VisitScotland. They were each asked to choose their favourite Scottish course and were then filmed playing part of that course.

Cheryl fell in love with the game after being introduced to it by her second husband, Brian Russell, in 1981. Two years ago she published an autobiographical account of her golfing experiences entitled: “Token Chick: A Woman’s Guide to Golfing with the Boys.”

Royal Dornoch manager John Duncan liaised with VisitScotland and film production company IWC Media Ltd over the star’s visit.

“Cheryl had happy memories of Dornoch and wanted to come back and play a hole here for the film,” he said this week. “She was staying at Loch Lomond with her husband for the Scottish Open.”

He added: “I just hope something will come of it. Some of the film crew said there was enough money for this shot, but they didn’t know if the budget would stretch to more or whether the final film would be seen on television or the internet.”

Club professional Andrew Skinner caddied for Cheryl as she was filmed playing the fifth hole.

“She was a little late in arriving so we didn’t get out onto the course until around 10.30am and it probably took around three-and-a-half hours in total. They just filmed the one hole because otherwise we would have been there all day,” he said.

“Cheryl was interviewed out on the course and asked about her previous experience of the course and why she had chosen Scotland and Royal Dornoch in particular.”

He added: “She was lovely. She is quite a good golfer and has a handicap of 16, which is quite good for a lady. She has been as low as 14 and her ambition is to get down to single figures.”

Cheryl was recently quoted in an American magazine as saying: “Scotland is amazing. I think one of my favourites besides Loch Lomond – which is really incredible, but it’s really an American-style golf course – is Royal Dornoch. It is one of the oldest courses, if not the oldest golf course in Scotland.”

VisitScotland spokeswoman Lorna MacLennan said the film footage would probably not be used for television advertising but possibly for a webcast, a podcast or for an e-mail marketing campaign.

“In filming Cheryl at Royal Dornoch we were just getting some golf footage for our library,” she said. “We don’t know what we’re going to use it for yet, but it is there if needed. Opportunities come up quite quickly in marketing, and if we don’t have the right footage then we miss out.”

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Photo by : Sonja Muller.
Oil Painting by: Lars Elerbe.

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Luis was put into a proleteriat re-education programme, taught creative programming at Midlessex University and urban-jungle survival techniques to prepare him for a future career dodging double-decker buses and job offers in London.

Comrade Luis satisfies his nostalgia for violence, underage sex and the black market with extensive internet surfing, which also incidentally keeps him up-to-date for Less Rain on the newest on-line trends.

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