July 7, 2017 Legal Assistance

The best legal consultant in Delhi would belong from a reputed law firm and hold expertise in offering exceedingly convincing Corporate & Commercial Law services. Through corporate law practice, the corporate legal advisor in Delhi strengthens the formation of companies. It is due to skilled legal experts; one can be informed about the security issues and provides proper advice to the distinguished organizations related to company law.

While legal awareness is the preliminary position for legal empowerment, it consequently followed by legal assistance in actually accessing rights. Legal assistance can range from legal advice and analysis, to representation in court all the way through lawsuit. Free legal advice online option is also available which provides legal assistance through its network of lawyers and community justice workers available on the internet..

Legal Assistance in Delhi comprises of these services:
1. Mergers , acquisitions and takeovers, Joint Ventures, overseas Collaborations, Foreign Investment, Foreign Exchange Control Regulations, Taxation of Foreign Companies.
2. Configuration of Companies, Taxation, Government Approvals, International Tenders, Import and Export Law, External Commercial Funds lending
3. Franchise Agreements, licensing and allocation, Drafting and Negotiation of Government and Public Sector Contracts.
4. Labor Laws, Employment and Service Agreements, Provident Fund, Bonuses and Leaves
5. Electricity Laws, Energy, Oil and Gas Laws, Power procurement, energy Supply and other contracts
6. Mining Laws, inspection of consent, Mining Lease, Transfer & Renewal of Mining Lease, Employment in Mines and subcontracting of Mining Operations
7. Real Estate and Property, Hotels and Resorts, affiliation agreements
8. Insurance and Banking Regulations / Law, memo of Credits, Banking Frauds and inquiry

Property Legal Advisor in Delhi
There are two types of property: real and personal property. Most of the official concepts and rules allied with both types of property are derived from English laws. Modern law has incorporated many of these concepts and rules, which define the types and rights of possession in real and personal property.

Best Legal Consultant in Delhi
Getting the best legal consultant in Delhi is a challenging task. The famous law firms in Delhi normally get a specialist solicitor to call you, implying that you get the expert advice you need swiftly. Solicitors can assist you with legal issues in property, civil or criminal cases in any part of the nation. Every law firm has a service-level agreement and many have Law Society accreditations in their area of expertise. Some of them also provide free legal assistance to the poor and the weak e.g. women, children, disabled persons or the poor in India.

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