Credit Repair is Legal and They Will Help!
October 5, 2018 Legal Help

A few nice legal help images I found:

Credit Repair is Legal and They Will Help!
legal help
Credit Loans / Cash Checking / Cash&Go types of establishments also often occupy depressed urban areas

See where this picture was taken. [?]

1909 the dream of the new land
legal help
As my uncle passed away this week [ =´( ], I came to meet with some oldishly cool information, obsolete papers and photos and several documents from my ancestors, not only of him. I now became quite like the guardian of this family treasure, as he has been during all this time. I am impressed with the finding and I hope to share with you several curious things that may be interesting to see.

This is a certificate given to my great-grandfather on 1924 declaring that he, Eugenio Giardino (now I know why my father´s 2nd name is Eugenio) had arrived to Argentina on December 5, 1909, on the ship Re Vittorio traveling 3rd class and that he was 43, married and declared to be a weaver (people who worked with weaving machines I guess as most of the italian immigrants were). Probably this paper was specially extended on demand if the person required it for a job or some legal issue.

My father didn´t see this yet (I think he never saw it), but as I told Steve here, if he was so shocked to find the registry line about my greatgrandparent´s arrival in the big Immigration books, probably this (and all the rest of papers and photos) will be quite a surprise.

This last 20 days have been very intense, shocking and moving. A test in many ways, a lesson in many others. I wish the end was other than this. We will miss him horribly. However, I respect the turn of facts and trust there is a reason for it. I thank him for being the one I learned all this much with about an aspect of life I didn´t know about happening so close to me, neither did know myself on how could I react and handle it. I hope that somehow you´ll keep on helping me with my life lessons. =)

Tío Cacho, Horacio Federico Giardino: We love you and we´ll keep you forever in our hearts.

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