November 21, 2016 Make A Website

I fully empathize. I was among, what had to thousands of lost souls until recently trying in vain to find a make a website hot-to course. After making a decision to try Internet marketing, I soon realized just how much I didn’t know from the techie side of computers. I only knew how to send email, type a letter and Google for search terms. Now I was facing the dilemma of needing to know much more including how to build websites. I frantically began searching for the information.

I, like many of my would-be colleagues, searched the Internet constantly for the right information. Time after time, just when I thought I’d found the place that was going to deliver what I was seeking (a make a website how-to course) I would once again be disappointed. I bought the pitch of many products with their promises to be the end-all answer to my questions only to find they were not even close sometimes. Weeks went by in my quest for knowledge. Dollars were flowing through my ethernet cable for inferior products at an ever-increasing rate as my search continued.

My main frustration was coming from the fact that I knew so little about a computer and the Internet. Most of the programs I found in one way or another were too sophisticated for me as a newbie. I just didn’t have a knowledge threshold high enough to even understand what they were trying to teach. I didn’t even know enough to ask the right questions.

I can still remember the frustration building inside me when listening to several different gurus’ videos when they would say things like, “OK, now let’s check the source code to see if the script has been correctly loaded” or “Just open your FTP client and load up your index page”. It was like a foreign language to me. I had no idea what they were talking about and I knew the course was going to do me no good without being able to keep up with lessons. I was getting very frustrated at not being able to find a make a website how-to course that I could understand. A course that would start at the beginning and let me learn all that I needed to go forward. I nearly quit the whole idea.

The words, “Why can’t I find a make a website how-to course that fits me?”, just kept rolling through my mind. With all the millions of people online, I couldn’t understand it. Why does everything I find have to be so damned advanced? I even thought at one time that there may be some sort of unspoken conspiracy going on the keep new people off the Internet by keeping information from us. And I was getting tired, physically tired from all the frustration and study. I was about to chuck it all in.

Then one day I did another search about finding a make a website how-to course and WHAM, right there in page results was the answer I had been seeking for months now. It was a course that promised to take newbies from square one and take them up to being able to build their own websites. You can imagine my joy, but understand the skepticism I had developed by then. I spent a couple days thinking about and checking them out. Turns out the guy who was the main tutor had been in a similar predicament just eighteen months earlier. He somehow managed to teach himself all he needed to know over a six month period, then started to make some money on the Internet. After making himself a success he decided to offer a way into Internet marketing by teaching others.

I knew the first day I began watching his tutorial videos that I not only liked his style, I also liked how slowly he took things, letting each step of instruction sink in before moving on. I finally found a make a website how-to course to my liking, I thought to myself. I was also feeling better physically. The course had lifted the heavy burden that had been upon me earlier. I was finally enjoying the learning and couldn’t get enough. It was still difficult, but in small bites I was getting it all. It felt good. Within a few weeks I was actually creating websites and loading up to my own domains. It was amazing to me.

Months of time were lost, hundreds of dollars were spent, but I had finally found by make a website how-to course. I regretted the losses, but savored the fact that I had at last found what I had searched for for so long. For those of you out there still struggling I just want to tell you not to give up if you can. Help exists. Just keep looking.

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