November 28, 2016 Marketing And Advertising

Marketing and advertising has become a necessity and is crucial for all businesses today. Many businesses make use of the Internet to build connections with potential and existing customers. Television advertisement is still the most preferred advertising platform but the cost involved is comparatively much higher than other means of advertising. Internet marketing involves low cost, massive audience reach and great opportunity for customer interaction. Businesses are looking for ways develop ideas for using Internet marketing effectively as it becomes near ubiquitous.


Newsletter can be a useful Internet marketing tool as it allows offering customers something for free- an interesting, informative tidbit to sweeten their inbox. Newsletters can offer industry updates, customer testimonials, coupons, organizations success stories and links to outside stories. Advertising and marketing components are helpful when customers are asked to interact by filling a feedback form, suggest tips or forwarding the newsletter. Other ideas can include offering product reviews, interviewing a specialist in the field and sponsoring guest writers to promote the business.

Social Networking

According to a research, about 45 percent of the employers use social networking websites to promote their business. Social networking allows businesses to connect with the customers. It also allows businesses to attract loyal customers by posting interesting pictures, videos, news updates or special deals advertised only on the social networking website. According to “Social Media Recruitment Etiquette”, social networking is intended for recreational purposes and companies should avoid marketing pitfalls, such as appearing too corporate or posting cheesy images. This isn’t a platform to criticize competitors.

Promoting User-Submitted Content

Another widely used method for internet marketing and advertising involves user-submitted content. The content is appealing because it costs the business nothing to solicit and publish but has a potential to generate web traffic and enhanced customer interaction. Having a company’s website can encourage customers to submit their photographs, videos or product reviews related to the company’s product. As user-submitted volume rises, organizations can begin screening submissions for quality to feature only the best submissions. For instance a carpet installation company might ask customers to post photos for the best ‘before and after’ shots. As customers become frequent website visitors, they will also be aware of any upcoming news about the company.

Therefore, Internet marketing and advertising is of immense benefit to the organization, not just in terms of cost but also in terms of effectiveness.
Other ways to advertise on the internet can be through blogging, product reviews and customer testimonials. Often companies make use of a combination of these online mediums to come up with a successful online marketing strategy.

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