A diploma in advertising and marketing communications can lead you to several different career paths – research and development, marketing strategies development, copywriting, media planning, product promotion, event marketing, digital/mobile marketing, marketing and media buying and production. The field comprises of many facets and activities, offering you several career choices.

The nature of work in these fields may differ depending upon your job title and the organization you work with. However, you will need to show your strategic abilities, creative talent and multitasking and interpersonal communication skills regardless of where you work and what your job profile is. This is expected from all advertising and marketing graduates.

Who Should Enroll in an Advertising Communication Program?

A postsecondary advertising communication program is a right choice for those who

– Want to build a career in market research
– Can communicate their thoughts, ideas and opinions clearly, concisely and strongly
– Are interested in promoting products and services for companies
– Want to get into the field of advertising
– Look to build a career in public relations
– Generally spend time in reviewing products, their costs and promotional campaigns
– Want to be at the forefront while planning marketing activities

The program equips them with in-depth understanding, knowledge and skills required to seek entry level jobs in the field of marketing communications and advertising.

What All Does an Advertising and Marketing Communication Program Cover?

An advertising and marketing communication program helps you develop your

– Instincts and strategic abilities
– Critical thinking
– Ability to perform under pressure and in a high competitive environment
– Ability to communicate more strongly and clearly

The three-year program focuses on your overall development and includes a wide range of subjects. It covers

– Agency advertising
– Campaign planning
– Tools and processes of communication
– Consumer psychology
– Advertising Research
– Integrated marketing
– Marketing and copywriting
– Advertising planning and media selection
– Radio and television campaigning
– Advertising business writing
– Digital communications
– Administration and finance
– Portfolio design
– Digital and social media

The entire sixth semester includes extensive field placement to give students practical training and hands-on-experience. This helps them apply their classroom learning into practice. During this period, students can also build important contacts, which can later on be used as references while finding employment.

Enrolling in a Marketing Communication and Advertising Program

To enroll in an advertising program Toronto, you need to submit:

– Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
– Grade 12 C or University English scores or equivalent

Although having a prior experience in a related field is not mandatory but it is recommended. You can seek admission into a top college in Toronto if you have a relevant work experience in marketing or advertising or any related field after completing your high school diploma.

Continuing Education

Those who are interested in entering the world of work right after the completion of the diploma program can find employment opportunities with media organizations, corporate houses, advertising firms, copywriting companies, digital marketing organizations and direct marketing firms. However, those who want to study further to win a university degree can apply their credits towards further study.

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