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January 27, 2019 Marketing Services

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Te Aro Pa
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`This was the site of the Te Aro Pa, settles by the Te Atiawa people, up to the 1890s. By 1845 the Wesleyan Church had erected several buildings including a Mission House and Maori Chapel. The park has also been the site of police, fire, electrial stations and Turksih Baths. In 1925 the site became Market Reserve, and in 1939 the stone memorial was erected to commemorate the 1839 Christian service at Te Aro Pa between the Maoris and Methodist Church missionaires. In 1989. planning of the site as a sculptural park was begun by the Wellington City Council. N.Z. Ceramics Artist Shona Rapira Davies was commissioned to design the park, in conjunction with the WCC Landscape Architect, and to then prepare artwork and manufacture of the tiles. the park was commplete and opened in May 1992.

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