January 20, 2017 Marketing Strategy

There are quite a few reasons why I feel everyone should master at least one free marketing strategy in the early stages of their MLM business. Most of the people that are starting out in internet marketing are doing so to make extra money from home, which means that they probably don’t have enough money to start with paid marketing strategies. Most of the people that are in network marketing have absolutely no clue how to market online; they have no formal marketing training. When you perfect a free marketing strategy, you’ll be able to teach any new marketer how to begin with a low budget. A well planned free marketing strategy can generate as many leads as paid advertising, and they’re probably higher quality leads, because they’re attracted to you as an individual marketer. Of course there are others, but my article will be focusing on these specific reasons.

Take your average beginner marketer for example. Do they really have the kind of money required to start off with any form of paid advertising? Mastering one free marketing strategy and then teaching others how to use that strategy will establish you as a leader. When you have the knowledge to share with others, you’ll become a valuable asset to the success of their business, and they’ll be more likely to trust you and want to work with you on your personal team. You would need a minimum monthly budget of $ 1200 to start off properly with pay-per-click marketing. That’s considerably more of a budget than most people are able to start with. For this reason, most people are drawn to a free marketing strategy, and if you can show them the way, they’ll follow you.

It’s a fact that 98 percent of network marketers trying to get into the online arena have absolutely no formal marketing training. We need to master the basics first. Lacking the ability to be able to teach your prospects how to market a business online will heavily decrease your chances of actually signing anyone up into your personal MLM team. You’ve heard the saying before that knowledge is power, and that’s definitely true in the network marketing industry. The more knowledge you personally have about different marketing strategies, the more valuable you’ll be to others looking to start a business or grow their business online.

People that are attracted to you for the extensive knowledge you’re sharing about a certain marketing strategy are higher quality leads than those people that are just clicking on a paid advertisement. You can also get as many leads from a free marketing strategy as you can from a paid marketing strategy. Generating these high quality leads from your free marketing strategy will eventually fund any and all of your paid marketing strategies. Imagine the amount of endless paid advertising you could do if your entire marketing budget existed because of the free marketing strategies you were implementing.

All of these reasons are great reasons why I would start with a free marketing strategy verses a paid marketing strategy. I guarantee you that you’ll lose a lot of money when you start with a paid marketing strategy and you don’t know how to deal with your prospects on the phone or train them properly. Your business will begin to grow as soon as you can assertively show someone and tell someone how to effectively market a business online. I know when I first started with pay-per-click, I went through my entire year’s marketing budget in under 3 months, and I had nothing to show for it. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes. Begin with a well planned free marketing strategy, and you’ll reach the top early on.

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