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Some cool marketing with facebook images:

The Seattle Wheel
marketing with facebook
This is the "Seattle Wheel" Ferris wheel at the 2006 Williamson County Fair. It is owned and Operated by Drew Operations, but was built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. If you’ve ever seen video from that world’s fair, you’ve like seen this before. It is over 90 ft. tall

Technical Detail: 6 second exposure

Thanks to everybody. This picture has made explore, peaking at spot #200, but has leveled out in the mid 300 range.

This photo has been published but unfortunately I don’t have a copy of what it looks like in print. I sold the right to use this photo to

Hello to anyone who found this photo here:…

or here:…

The Reader (detail)
marketing with facebook
illustration for Marketing Week on the subject of readers (detail)

Camden Market London UK – 04.jpg
marketing with facebook

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