Chicago – Streeterville: Magnificent Mile
March 5, 2018 Media Advertising Agency

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Chicago – Streeterville: Magnificent Mile
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A portion of Michigan Avenue, a north-south street in Chicago, starting just north of the Chicago River is referred to as the Magnificent Mile, or sometimes simply the Mag Mile. It contains a mixture of upscale department stores, restaurants, high-end retailers, office buildings and hotels, and caters primarily to tourists and the affluent. The area also has a high concentration of the city’s major media firms and advertising agencies, including the Chicago Tribune newspaper.

Originally Michigan Avenue ran along the shore of Lake Michigan downtown just to the east of the Illinois Central Railroad, but natural and artificial land filling processes have moved the shoreline many blocks to the east.

Sample Group Client Projects & Graduate Placements – Sheridan Interactive Multimedia One Year Post Grad College in Oakville
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At the end of each term we have a final personal project due and a final client project.

The client project is live and example clients are shown above – Molson, Miss Canada, CFL… Royal Ontario Museum, and CHUM are examples of Graduate placements others include CBC Kids, advertising and new media agencies and many more.

Dan Zen is a Professor and Industry Liaison for the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia one year post grad program featuring Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, PHP, ASP, MySQL and a lot of creativity building environments where people can create and communicate with one another. I

Interactivity beyond navigation – games, e-learning, Web applications, artistic pioneering works with video as input, etc. Good for designers and programmers.

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