August 12, 2017 Mobile Advertising

Despite the plethora of cell phones and smart phones, mobile advertising has yet to command its rightful place in the advertising market. For anyone who is a mobile app builder or a mobile site builder, 2012 is a great time to be in business. In addition, substantial profits are possible for companies that establish a presence in the mobile market place.

According to Stat Spotting in 2010, Internet Advertising dollars in the US totaled $ 26 billion dollars. However, only $ 550-$ 650 million was spent on mobile advertising during the same period. According to Reuters, Samsung alone sold over 300 million mobile phones in 2011. Moreover, Android apps have just exceeded the 10 billion-download mark globally. Apple is also hovering at the 10 billion app mark. Mobile smart phones are where the eyeballs are.

So why haven’t some of the largest companies caught the mobile advertising wave? The largest reason is the fragmentation of the smart phone device and platform market. This isn’t an advertising world like television where a company can hire one mobile site builder, say for the iPhone, build the advertising and then let the campaign run and measure it. Sure a company can do this but the market share of cell phone users is analogous to a sea of eyeballs that is constantly changing with the tide. Companies and advertising executives are rather reticent to stake their claim in the sand anywhere for fear that the eyeballs will move.

For example, in 2012, Samsung devices are expected to pick up a large share of the smart phone market continuing a trend started in 2011. Blackberry, once the smart phone king, is likely to continue losing market share. Is Apple next? So which type of mobile app builder should a company hire? One for Samsung or one for Apple? What about the Blackberry campaign where the company has already invested millions of dollars? What about advertising on Social Media? Moreover, in the very near future visual computerized devices will seamlessly inhabit every corner of the American home. Where should a company spend its dollars when every mirror you look in will soon also broadcast the current weather and a banner ad? Simply put, where is the most effective place to put an ad campaign? Beyond Google Adwords, most companies are unsure about where to put their advertising dollars and energy.

One thing is certain, the mobile phone market is growing exponentially and smart phone adoption is skyrocketing. Smart phones are unique in that they can be used with one hand and they are truly mobile. No one works out with a tablet computer or uses a laptop while walking down the street. They use their smart phone. The one device that can do a variety of tasks in motion and go everywhere with a user is the smart phone. This is why mobile advertising is so appealing despite the plethora of platforms and devices.

Strategic planning and targeted market research are essential for making a successful mobile campaign. Working with professionals who specialize in mobile advertising is critical. With them, a company can then choose the right mobile app builder or a mobile site builder for their needs. The process isn’t easy and the industry is so new that every company that ventures into mobile advertising is something of a trailblazer. However, smart phones are where the customers are located.

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