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September 25, 2018 Most Popular Social Networks

Some cool most popular social networks images:

Flickr Hack #6
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6. Flickrmud. One of the problems for some Flickr users is that because the site is popular ofentimes it gets blocked. A while back Flickr was being blocked in the entire UAE. There have been reports of libraries blocking Flickr and certainly businesses blocking Flickr who don’t want their employees wasting away valuable company time on social networking or seeing the occasional porn shot that creates company liability. While one answer is to simply buy your own laptop with EVDO and bring it to work, this isn’t always the most economical approach. But if you are experiencing Flickr blockage somewhere check out FlickrMud. How Flickr mud works is that you simply change the url to access Flickr. Instead of accessing thomashawk’s flickrstream like this: You access it with this url instead: By adding the before the .com oftentimes you can access the site because this way of accessing Flickr is much less known and less likely to be blocked. Mum’s the word on this one of course 😉

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Textamerica NYC Meet & Greet #2 – 8/6/05
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Photo By RM Studio

I’m going through some pix that I had up on my old photo blog and I see the ol’ Textamerica Meet & Greets. "What is Textamerica?" You ask? Well, it’s not a site that you need to concern yourself with now, but back when photo hosting sites were just becoming popular (early 2000’s) it was a competitor. They specialized in Moblogging (taking pictures from your moblie phone). I didn’t care about pictures from my phone, I just wanted a forum to post camera pix and blog about them.

Textamerica (or TA as it was called) wasn’t particularly innovative but many of the people who were using it were very cool. Cool enough that I wanted to meet them. Not in a creepy internet stalker way… rather in a "we have similar interests" kind of way.

In September, 2004 I hosted the first NYC Textamerica Meet & Greet. Photobloggers from all over came to participate. Many came from out of state, which at the time was remarkable to me. Many more followed our party in "real time" via the internet. As the pictures flowed in many people viewed them and made comments. I attended other TA Meet & Greets in cities like San Diego as well as tons of smaller meetups locally. I made it a priority to meet every popular blogger using the site. In August 2005 I hosted the second annual NYC Meet & Greet and twice as many people came as the first. In late 2005 I flew out to L.A. for a totally rad TA Meet & Greet hosted by my friend, Jobo. It seemed like things could only get bigger and better from here on out. Who would have guessed that this bubble would burst?

I don’t want to go into why Textamerica crumbled and why Flickr flourished, but if you really want the dirt then check out some of our disscusions over at exTAmerica. exTAmerica is a flickr group I started with Matt Galligan (Indie Matt) to try and keep our friends from Textamerica together. Most of us from TA just simply packed our bags and made Flickr our new home.

I want to thank a few people who helped make my experience at Textamerica a great one…

Shawn Honnick… for always having my back and fixing the many problems we had at TA. Do you realize you gave me 70+ editor’s pics? Craziness.

Jade Charles… for being the coolest kid on the playground, for the TA garbage bin, the non-nude girls and also for fixing the many problems at TA.

Cola… For your eye-catching photos and your fun-filled frolics like Good Morning TA and TA Jeopardy. You always kept a positive attitude and that’s rad.

Chris Hoar & Janet Leigh… for everything you did to make Textamerica the fun-addicting-crazytimes-environment that it was. Textamerica was my first social network and things have been on the up an up ever since I got involved. Also, thank you for flying me out to San Diego to stay at your place, I’ve never sipped on a better fresh fruit smoothie. It’s too bad about the way it had to end with us at Textamerica.

I want to thanx each person I met through Textamerica, but I would be typing for hours, so instead let me say… Thanx to all the great people I met during this time and I’m glad that most of us still keep in touch via the internet. Boo-ya! And Rock On!


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