Nice Online Advertising Campaign photos
November 13, 2016 Online Advertising Campaign

A few nice online advertising campaign images I found:

chalk stencil of summer online marketing campaign
online advertising campaign

meetup in the metro
online advertising campaign launches its first-ever offline advertising campaign in New York’s subways. You can’t get more local than that!

But you can also find out about it online. The ad is user-generated: It stars *real* New Yorkers who submitted their Meetup photos to be included. I like this ad because indeed the medium – specific to the community and made by the members – is the message.

So, will it work? (And what do we do for an encore in other places? members are invited to submit their ideas, of course!)

It’s running in about one of every five subway cars for the month of April….don’t know (even though I’m an investr) how this one showed up in March!

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