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August 21, 2017 Online Advertising Costs

A few nice online advertising costs images I found:

online advertising costs
Holm Friebe and Philipp Albers co-founders of the Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur (

7 1/2 Rules of Working Together Professionally and Still Staying Friends

At first I was, like.."le sigh.." but these guys have it all figured out. A smart and insightful way to avoid the Willy Lohman rut and/or the real Business’s not even’s, like..being human, doing what you love, and keeping hold of your ever-loving soul and avoiding blockheaded bosses and moronic clients and the general evils of the work-a-day cubicle rut where it seems cool to get to travel places for your job when really it’s wearing your heart down to a little nub of ineffective coal and turning you to hard drink and prostitutes.

1. The 7 "no": no office, no employees, no fixed costs, no pitches, no exclusivity, no working hours, no bullshit. (Yo, hello!)
2: Work-work balance: between internal projects and client projects
3: Instant gratification: use money as incentive and distribute profits immediately after job is finished.
4: Pluralism of methods: find technical solutions for social problems. Use online tools of collaboration instead of meetings if possible.
5: Fixed ideas: live up to your intellectual obsessions and dark desires at work. Don’t hesitate to polarize (or offend people) if necessary.
6: Responsibilities without hierarchies.
7: The power of procrastination: Don’t try to be too efficient. Good ideas will adapt and catch on even if you neglect them for a while. There is a darwinism of ideas. (Yo, hello!)
7 1/2: Marketing by feuilleton: no advertising, no PR. Do something interesting and press coverage will come to you. (Yo, hello!)

Watch the Lift presentations here:

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