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March 12, 2019 Online Marketing Tips

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GBTC Baltimore : Social Media: User Driven Experience
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Mike Subelsky, Mike will present a case study on how he personally used social media to promote the successful Baltimore event, Ignite Baltimore and his company, OtherInbox.

Jared Goralnick, Jared’s case study will discuss – when was the last time you emailed a blogger? And ten other lessons learned in online relationship-building.

Dave Troy, Dave will provide a case study on how he launched socialdevcamp east, a successful barcamp/unconference that drew crowds of developers and techies from Boston to DC.

Shashi Bellamkonda, Shashi will present a case study on how he has changed the face of information sharing at one of the largest organizations – Network Solutions. And how he utilizes social media on a daily basis to help provide real time feedback to Network Solutions.

Greg Cangialosi, Greg will present a case study on lead generation using social media and ways that he has used content for marketing, and social media participation to increase branding and lead generation with his company, Blue Sky Factory.

Page Sands, So you know that Twitter, Facebook,, and all of these other social networking tools exist. But what next? Marketing professionals are struggling to understand which tools are best for them, and how to utilize them in a way that makes the most sense. We have put together a strategic framework for building your social marketing plan. The framework allows you to go through a step by step process to figuring out which tools are appropriate for your goals, the best ways to use them, and tips for measuring their success.

Catherine Pancake, Social Media is all the rage, but some companies end up alienating customers, wasting money, and end up giving us a pretty good chuckle . Catherine will present the Top Five Worst Social Media Campaigns and other examples of how companies or individuals got it wrong.

Marci DeVries, Social media is one of the hottest topics today. If you¹re like many, you¹ve got looming questions: What should I be doing now? How do I maintain it? Can I draw a straight line from social media to sales? From grassroots to nationwide outreach, learn how to tap Web channels to lead, join or further the conversation on issues most important to your organization and its constituents. Engage and connect using tools best targeted to your audiences.

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