March 12, 2017 Online Marketing

Much has been said about choosing the right online marketing agency, but there are a few foolproof ways of assessing credibility. Although reading online reviews can be a huge help, they are not one hundred percent reliable. In fact, these testimonials are only as credible as the random people who make them. To get clearer signals on an online marketing company’s credibility, consider the following:

Level of Expertise

Everybody is promoting their products on social media sites these days – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and the list goes on. A Social Media Company is, of course, expected to be in social media. That’s because this is where people mostly hang around today. However, when you have a company that sets up their own social media formats catering to specific niches, that tells you something about the depth of their knowledge and more importantly, their level of expertise. The networks they create are usually small, but they are very influential among members. This is where most productive marketing usually happens.

Recognition from the Media

There is no doubt in the world that life can change overnight for online marketing companies that land a spot in a reputable media agency’s publication. Imagine one online marketing CEO being quoted with photo in The Economist, for example, or in authority blogs such as Yahoo SEM Blog, Microsoft Advertising Blog or ClickZ. A company personality who writes as a contributor to the same prestigious publications can also expect the same credibility-boosting results. After all, no media outfit would take the risk of associating with a questionable company because even their own name can be dragged down the credibility scale if they’re not careful enough.

Making it to Industry Lists of Top Agencies

Any Social Media Los Angeles that ends up in an industry list of top online marketers has reached the top indeed. By any means, this is not only a boost to the their credibility, but a sure formula for financial success. After all, where else would Fortune 50 companies look when seeking professionals to handle their online marketing needs? When an agency is hired, that counts as more plus points to their credibility even. In this industry, companies are who they associate with. Having American Express for a client sure says a lot without the need for words. The link itself speaks volumes.

Online marketing companies are generally gifted with convincing power, at least, from the outset. This makes it hard to determine which are genuine talents, and which are poseurs that don’t have much to give except an offer that can generate them profit. However, with these top three parameters for choosing the right agency, the task can be less work.

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