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July 30, 2018 Online Media Advertising

Some cool online media advertising images:

secondlife is like a 3d version of myspace
online media advertising
This is a screenshot of an adhoc ‘karaoke’ party that took place a few weeks ago (thanks to rivers run red for sharing it with me). Stats are from the Secondlife main site (it has a total users count) and….

UPDATE: July 20th:,,1823964,00.html…
"Second Life claims it has 330,000 users and is growing at 12% a month without any marketing. The demographics are fascinating: the average age is 33, half of users are women and a very large number haven’t played online games before. He also claims that 60% of users create their own content"

UPDATE: just found a link to an HBR June 2006 article which has some more statistics
They quote 165k active residents, of whom 65k are paying, and 3k are making “real world money” inside SL.

UPDATE in this Oct 2006 article "Second Life has more than 800,000 registered users, is growing at the extraordinary rate of 20% a month, and is developing an economy larger than those of some real countries",,1889677,00.html?g…

And in this Sept article:
"Interest in Second Life is growing fast, with the number of subscriptions standing at 793,2000. More telling, according to Bovington, is the value of transactions being conducted in the virtual world. Transactions involving virtual products or services totalled 7,000 in just one 24-hour period earlier this week".,,1883228,00.html

UPDATE (Dec 2006) They’ve not changing their estimate of demographics in 6 months which is interesting. … from Red Herring interview with CEO:
"Q: You were at 100,000 users early this year and are now past the 1.8 million mark. How big is this thing going to get?
A: It can and will get larger because the demographic is way bigger than online gaming. Now we have 43 percent women at an average age of 32."

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