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February 27, 2019 Online Storage Websites

A few nice online storage websites images I found:

interesting conclusions may be drawn
online storage websites
while this may not be touching many people around here, for whom the weather, at most, has been a medium annoyance (if we exclude those unfortunates who were killed attempting to travel around in it) there has been a downright catastrophe in springfield, less than two hundred miles south of here. there’s limited electricity, limited fuel, and now a boil order on (purification plants have no power and are down.) thousands of people are isolated in rural and suburban areas, or are in shelters. (go to KOLR‘s website and hunt around (i won’t post specific links because they will prove ephemeral.)) KOLR itself is running on backup power, and apparently, from what i am told, they are illuminated in studio by what appears to be emergency lighting. blood donations needed across the ozarks, trucks from various power companies headed in to help restore electricity, yadda yadda yadda.

we watched katrina unfold with a curious, almost racist detachment (and the absolute fourth-worldization of n’awlins in the post year-plus has been resolutely ignored.) houston was a near-miss. springfield was a near-miss. but what happens, as it will, as it will, when miami takes a direct hit?

of course hurricanes don’t happen anymore, they are the legendary storms of the past that will never happen again. this last year is proof of that, yes? but something will happen again, and what if two or more somethings gather in the earth’s name, all at once?

oh! but i’m crazy. yeah. i forgot.

anywho, KOLR is running a little online poll, and of the 1227 people who as of this moment have power and went to the poll and filled it out, 20.1% didn’t think it would be this bad, 5.3% never pay attention to the weather warnings anyway, 43.9% learned from past experience, and 30.6% didn’t feel they had prepared enough.

a negative nelly would suggest that 56% of the respondents, and possibly the general populace, were insufficiently prepared. a more negative nelly would suggest that the survey is skewed towards the prepared.

me? i’m no mormon, but i’d say there are worse people to imitate.

go ahead. call me crazy.

Ice Cream Cone worm
online storage websites
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Image of a marine bristle worm, Lagis koreni, otherwise known as the ‘Ice Cream Cone worm’ along with its cast.

This worm builds its delicate tube home out of a thin layer of sand grains cemented by secretions of the worm’s body The tube is just one sand grain thick with the individual sand grains positioned tight up against each other, forming a beautiful mosaic.
Image: James Turner, Amgueddfa Cymru.

Discover more of these remarkable images on the Up Close With Nature online gallery on ‘Rhagor’, the collections based website from Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales.

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