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September 2, 2017 Online Web Design

A few nice online web design images I found:

Cory Ondrejka of Second Life
online web design
How does online time differ from ffline? You can grow up online in a few weeks, virtually. But – in virtual reality – teenagers can lead teams, creating real relationships and earn real money, notes Cory.

I would add, The Net has made it possible for the little guy to start a business with almost no capital and no resources. But, as was visible last week at Web 2.0, many of these companies are "body-part” companies, designed to be grafted onto, say, Google or Yahoo!. They sell functions, not solutions, and they often lack seasoned management.. But perhaps the Net is offering a solution to this challenge, too: a cohort of seasoned managers, used to organizing teams, making decisions, setting and meeting goals online. The old computer games taught physical skills; the new massively multiplayer online games teach social and managerial skills. (They also teach some people to be good followers, another useful skill.)

online web design
An online database that was created as proof of concept for a Database Design class in Spring 2005 Homepage
online web design
A First glance at new homepage to replace older web page. It should be online within a month, after having polishing last small details.

It uses new RubyOnRails web framework to get some dynamic features like tag system or easy to use calendar.

I’d also like to use only Creative Commons pictures to complete this website, so if you publish streetart on Flickr, could you check if your license is set in creative commons?

Looking for your comments anyway, thanks :p

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