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China Unicom now even serves illegal pop-up ads

China Unicom now even serves illegal pop-up ads

Check out these paid online advertising images:

China Unicom now even serves illegal pop-up ads
paid online advertising
Often when I use China Unicom 3G to go online it serves me ads that it does not pay for. Sometimes these ads take half the page, shifting the real content down. And now they started serving pop-up ads as well. Of course the site owner does not know about this, nor does he/she get any money out of it. This is an example of DailyGame.com, Spil Games Arabic site, with a pop-up that we do not want. Shame on you China Unicom!

not sure why newspaper assafir is still paying for offline advertising to promote it’s online presence
paid online advertising

Readying For Action
paid online advertising
A jack-up-rig takes on provisions at the Harbor of Refuge at Port Lavaca, Texas, preparing to report for duty in the Gulf of Mexico. Taken with a Canon AE 1 film camera and a Vivitar 70-210 zoom lens. The picture was digitized for publication in my internet magazine, "Texas Waterways." I started the e-zine in 1990 and kept it online for about a year. In the old days of the internet it was not possible to update the magazine myself so I had to pay a company to make monthly changes. At a cost of about 0 a month without advertising it became cost prohibitive. The publication received thousands of hits a month from all over the world.

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