Campaigning to save the Romsey-Winchester rail-link bus
July 2, 2019 Ppc Campaign

Some cool ppc campaign images:

Campaigning to save the Romsey-Winchester rail-link bus
ppc campaign
Sandra Gidley MP, Winchester PPC Martin Tod and Councillor Eleanor Bell
joined a bus of protesters dressed as Scrooge and Santa and travelled
from Romsey to Winchester and before collect signatures in Winchester
against the cutting of the rail link bus between Winchester and Romsey
on Friday November 9 2007.

Sandra Gidley MP commented:

It’s madness to be cutting bus services when we’re all trying to cut
our carbon footprints. This is an essential service for Romsey –
it’s really heavily used. It was clear at the recent public meeting
that Stagecoach and South West Trains don’t have a clue how heavily
this service is used by rail travellers and how vital this service
is. Rather than cutting it, they need to do a proper job of
promoting it: currently it doesn’t even feature properly on their

Martin Tod commented:

After all the county’s bus cuts, this is the last straw. This isn’t
just bad news for Romsey. South West Trains are doing the dirty on
Winchester again. First the off-peak fare hike, then the planned
closure of the travel centre, now the cut of the Romsey Winchester
Rail Link bus. The recent WWF-UK survey shows that we need urgent
action to reduce Winchester’s impact on the environment, but these
cuts will damage the environment and make congestion and parking in
Winchester even worse.

City Councillor for Compton and Otterbourne, Eleanor Bell added:

This is not just bad news for Romsey and Winchester, but bad news
for Hursley as well. First the number 46 was cut back by the
county. Now we’re losing the Rail Link bus. This will be bad for
the village, bad for local shops, bad for commuters and bad for
people working at IBM.

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