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October 13, 2016 Ppc Management

A few nice ppc management images I found:

Google AdWords Optimization – Case Study
ppc management
I recently optimized a Google AdWords Campaign for a cable television network. This network has seven prime-time television shows, each set up with an AdWords campaign with an annual budget of around 0,000 each.

Their goal was to increase impressions, increase CTR and Conversions (registrations for their newsletters & promotions) and lower their ballooning costs. In total, this TV network spends over Million/year in Google AdWords and had no dedicated resource to manage the campaigns. After starting work on the project in December of last year, I quickly realized they had simply created their campaigns and either used the default settings, or the "Budget Optimizer" tool within AdWords.

My initial work in optimizing their Google AdWords campaigns consisted of: rebuilding their campaign architecture, laser focus on keyword relevance and quality scores, setting targets for lead volume and cost-per-acquisition and establishing a synergy between keywords, ad copy and the landing page experience. Then, as always, I would revise, report and retest every few days to tweak campaign performance.

The result? 124% increase in clicks, 100% increase in impressions and a 27% reduction in cost-per-click.

Managing Multiple PPC Accounts at SES Chicago
ppc management
Craig McDonald from Allicances and Product Management manages multiple PPC accounts at SES Chicago.

Automating Websites and PPC Management at Affiliate Summit West 2009
ppc management
Automating Websites and PPC Management at Affiliate Summit West 2009.

John Hasson, President, JAH Media, LLC

Session description:

Learn advanced concepts for automating daily website tasks (such as downloading stats, uploading changes, etc.) without access to an API.

Audio of the conference session available free at

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